iWatBoard is changing the concept of movement, offering a light, easy-to-use vehicle with spectacular features.

The future is now

Move like never before thanks to EPT technology

The iWatBoard represents a huge advancement in the field of EPT technology (Electric Personal Transport); its GYRO system incorporates a high-performance 32 bit processor and controls the SBS (Smart Balancing System), which takes care of auto-correcting the users balance, making the iWatBoard even more stable. Also, intelligent sensors have been added to offer more updated information on the current state of the vehicle.

Move fast, move safe

You just worry about where you want to go, we’ll take care of the rest.

Power and stability with an innovative design

  • Automatic Stopping: the iWatBoard automatically stops if the user abandons the vehicle, be it voluntarily or accidentally, like falling off. The motion system only activates once the sensors detect weight above 28 Kg, approximately.

  • Low battery warning: The self-balancing system depends on the battery, which means that the device will warn you when battery is below 15%.

  • Speed detector: Once the iWatBoard reaches 12km/h, the system will emit an audible alarm to inform the user.

Sustainable movement

Generating 0 emissions, move with style and care for the environment

We love travelling the world, and that’s why we have to take care of the environment. The iWatBoard is a 100% ecological vehicle that generates no emissions into our atmosphere, thanks to its entirely electric motor. Say no to gas-guzzling, no to parking, no to contamination and yes to the iWatBoard.

Let nothing stop you!

High-capacity batteries for travelling further than ever.

The heart of the iWatBoard beats strongly thanks to its li-ion batteries, which give us a 18 km range thanks to the maximum capacity of 4400 mAh. Completely charge the device in less than three hours and enjoy the quality and safety provided by a market-leading company. After charging, the LED light which is included in all of our products will inform you that you can now make the most of the iWatBoard’s capacity and power. Enjoy the benefits of a top class battery with a 12-month guarantee.