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Why choose an electric bicycle?

Conventional bicycles are respectful to the environment, they’re more economical than a car or motorbike and they allow us to travel long distances. The iRider features the same advantages, and also a li-ion battery will give us that extra push in order to save a large amount of energy during travels.

The electric bike is without a doubt the most innovative vehicle on the market. They are rapidly taking over the streets thanks to the various benefits they offer.

Main features of electric bicycles

If you aren’t sure what to choose upon joining the electric bicycle revolution, make a quick comparison with any other mode of transport. It’s all advantages! Do you want an electric bike for the city or for the outskirts? Do you have a lot of space for storage? Either way. With the foldable iRider bicycle there won’t be a single thing stopping you.


The main characteristic of the electric bike is without a doubt its electrically fed motor. Thanks to the 5200mAh Li-Ion battery, you’ll be able to cover large distances of up to 50km without having to worry about charging or your legs tiring.

Also, its revolutionary charging system allows us to have a 100% charge for approximately 120 minutes.


The electrical iRider bicycle can easily reach speeds of up to 25km/h, meaning that it will have the force necessary to reach your destination as rapidly as possible. To this end, it features three levels or speed modes: Eco mode or Grade 1 will help us pedal to reach 10km/h. Urban mode or Grade 2 will help us until we reach 15km/h. Finally, Sport mode or Grade 3 will help us reach 25km/h.

Also, with Grade 0 we can enjoy our electric bike without needing any help from the motor.

LCD Screen

Featuring an LCD screen that allows us to choose between different speed modes and also keep yourself informed of the battery level and the time and distance that has been travelled.

Size and weight

This is a very compact electrical bike (1340x575x1100 mm / 770x430x680 mm) that’s also light (17kg). However, at the same time, the resistance of the materials allow it to support up to 120kg of weight.

Wheels and brakes

Our electric bicycles have 16+” wheels, along with a rear suspension system that allows us to comfortably traverse the city. We also have a disc brake system that provides a faster reaction time.


iRider electric bicycles are the most economic choice on the market. You won’t find any options that provide the same advantages at such an accessible price.

Foldable electric bike

The iRider is not a normal electric bike, as it’s also completely foldable. Also, its magnetic closing system will stop it from unfolding when least expected.

Respectful to the environment

This foldable electric iRider bike is the definitive option if you’re looking for an ecological mode of transport. Its electric motor avoids the production of exhaust fumes. Also, thanks to a silent design, you’ll contribute to the reduction of noise pollution that’s extremely common in urban areas.

Forget about paying a weekly wage in petrol. Give the environment a break and get on an electric bicycle.