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Electric Skateboard

The electric skateboard comes to our streets to tame them. Switch to the most fashionable alternative transport.

Comfortable, functional and very fun. Be the center of all eyes with your electric skate.

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What is an electric skateboard?

The electric skateboard is a motor skateboard powered by electricity from a battery. This allows you to travel great distances without having to lower your foot to propel yourself. You won't find a more comfortable and fun way to enjoy your journeys.

It's a fact: the electric skateboard is here to stay. It is more and more common to see them on the streets of our cities due to their multiple advantages. Don't be left behind, get your own electric skateboard.

Main characteristics of an electric skateboard

Are you undecided? That's because you still don't know the incomparable advantages of the electric skateboard compared to any other transport. Within our catalogue there is an electric skateboard for each person, whether you want it for your little one to have fun safely, for you to enjoy urban walks or for those looking for a little adrenaline in their life.


The motor skateboard is one of the most revolutionary means of transport. The perfect combination of the attractiveness and fun offered by a conventional skate with the comfort provided by its motor propulsion. And for our iWatSkates, you'll have a powerful 250 W motor that will allow you to reach 16 km/h with the iCruiser electric skateboard, 25 km/h with the 400 W motor of the iLong.wave or iLong.rocket, and some incredible 30 km/h with the iWild, our most powerful electric longboard thanks to its two 400 W motors.

Wireless Control

Any electric skateboard in the iWatSkate catalogue has a convenient wireless control system. With it, you will be able to choose both the direction of the counter-movement, as well as the speed mode (Eco, Street or Pro) of your electric skateboard.


The iCruise electric skateboard, designed for use on short journeys, has a Li-Ion battery with a range of 8 km and a fast charging system that will allow you to have it at 100% again in just 2 hours. In the case of the iLong, its autonomy is 14 km. And if you're planning to make long journeys with your electric skateboard, the iWild, with a range of up to 20 km, is the best option.

Size and weight

The electric skateboard is a transport that stands out for its lightness and ease of storage in any corner. In this sense, the iCruiser is the smallest electric skate of the iWatSkate. Its 29" size and 5kg weight make it the ideal choice for the youngest at home. On the other hand, the iLong has a size of 33" and weighs 6'7kg, ideal for adult beginners and Carving lovers. And last but not least, the iWild is undoubtedly the definitive version, with a size of 38" and a weight of 8'45kg, making it the perfect electric longboard for adrenaline lovers.


The sandpaper on the iWatSkate will give you the grip you need to enjoy every curve and feel the electric skate as an extension of your own body.


The price of the electric skateboard iWatSkate varies depending on the model. But without a doubt, you won't find another electric skate on the market with the same features and so economical.