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Hoverkart and Hoverboard Go-Kart

The hoverkart is a seat that fits easily on our hoverboard.

Turn your iWatBoard into a kart and make the most of it.

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Why buy a hoverkart?

The main reason for buying this accessory is simply for the fun it provides. With the hoverboard seat we will be able to squeeze to the maximum the motor of our skate, making stunts and much more.

Suitable for children and adults, this kart is the most popular accessory and has been a new revolution in the world of electric mobility.

How do I mount the hoverboard seat?

This accessory can be attached and removed quickly and easily. Just place the seat on the iWatBoard and attach the tether straps. Now we just need to enjoy our kart.

The quick assembly system is one of its main advantages as it is an accessory that we will use at all times.

How do I use the hoverboard seat?

The operation is the same as that of the skate, but in this case it is handled with steering levers. If we move them downwards we will accelerate and upwards we will brake. To turn, lift one lever and lower the other.

Is it compatible with my model?

Yes, as long as your hoverboard has a wheel size between 6.5" and 10" you should have no problem installing it. You only have to adjust the anchorage to the dimensions of the model.