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A new way of moving. Discover the iWatRoad R-Series, a range of revolutionary electric scooters capable of reaching speeds of up to 25km/h. Enjoy a unique driving experience that’s fun and respectful to the environment. Get on the future, get on the iWatRoad!

Take control of the streets with the new iWatBike iRider electric bicycle. Move around the city quickly and comfortably thanks to its rear suspension system.


Feel the impulse of iRider e-scooter and move freely again. Forget about traffic jams and stop contaminating, it’s designed so that you can get onto the future. It’s light, silent and fun, and is being named the new mode of transport that will revolutionize the streets.

The iWatSkate is so much more than just traveling from one place to another, it’s enjoying the ride without effort thanks to its Li-ion battery. Its comfortable wireless control system allows you to choose the mode you want to use, the speed and also ther gear you’re in. Discover how fun sustainable mobility can be with our iWatSkate.

Introducing the new revolutionary means of transport, the iWatShoes, using sustainable mobility technology that is tremendously fun and represents revolution at all levels.

We present to you the iWatSpace, a scooter designed for the the youngest tykes in the house. Have fun with its incredible lights and sound effects. Its most spectacular feature is the vapour disperser that imitates a rocket’s thrusters.

Unleash the power of the iWatBoard. Discover a unique driving experience thanks to the iWatKart, the perfect complement for your iWatBoard. Just take a seat and get ready to pump the adrenaline with the iWatKart.

The iWatBoard is a self-balancing electrical board designed for personal transport and leisure. Enjoy this revolutionary mode of transport, designed to offer you a unique experience at an irresistible price. Don’t hesitate and join the Stylemotion Club.

Dominate the streets in style with this electric scooter. Start carving and feel the asphalt beneath your feet, releasing adrenaline with all sorts of stunts. With a 25km/h speed, this is the perfect companion in an urban setting. Be original, be unique, be iWatStreet.