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What is iWatBoard?

Discover the story behind the development of our product.


The history of iWatMotion begins with a dream, an ambition shared by a team of iWatMotion professionals, to offer revolutionary products at a price that’s affordable for everyone.


Fiera Internazionale di Canton.

International Canton Fair.

In 2014, our R&D department began to investigate a patent developed by the University of Zhejiang, which was presented at the international Canton Fair. This patent was based on a self-balancing electrical vehicle, a concept which captivated our department and fully set in motion iWatMotion’s business structure. Being an international event, it’s not strange that companies all over the world began to develop this brand new concept, presented at the most important electrical fair in the world, something that gave the iWatMotion team a key objective: to create a product that stands out from the rest for its quality, design and superior features, all at a competitive price.


And so, the iWatBoard was born, being the first of many revolutionary products that iWatMotion has to offer. Research began with the search for quality components for the heart of the iWatBoard, which include batteries from market-leading companies. The inclusion of a top-of-the-line processor and high quality materials are other iWatBoard features that stand out.


With the necessary components for assembling a reliable and high quality product, our designs department focused on the need to offer different market options in correlation with both the needs of each user and the fact that the products must be appealing to everyone. As a result, different versions of the iWatBoard were developed (i6, i8 & i10). Still, we wanted to go even further and so we created accessories, revolutionary complements like the iWatKart and of course, completely new products like the iWatRoad, the iWatStreet and the iWatSea, each one of them with their own characteristics, features and price, adapted to the different needs of each individual user.


The next step in iWatMotion’s consolidation consisted of finding a collaborating company with both the business structure and the technology capable of manufacturing our products. Here at iWatMotion, we’re proud to work with a market-leading company specializing in the manufacture of electrical devices around the world. The manufacture of all iWatMotion products is supervised by our development department, who carry out exhaustive quality controls and obtain the necessary certificates to distribute and sell all around the world.

Discover the quality and care that iWatMotion has put into developing their full range of products, caring for the most minute details, from sleek packaging to a personal and efficient multi-language customer service. On our website; www.iWatMotion.com you’ll find all the information you need to get into #StyleMotion: our products, their features, their designs and at the same time, we’ve made it easier to navigate through our fantastic online shop.


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