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User Guide iWatBoard

Enjoy your iWatBoard safely and responsibly

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We’re going to discover how to make the most of our iWatBoard:

Step 1: Getting on the iWatBoard

First, we must know its internal workings. The iWatBoard responds to our balancing body weights, meaning our first objective is to keep our balance. We place one foot on the iWatBoard’s foot pad, making sure to step as far to the edge closest to the wheel as possible, widening the angle our legs are making and therefore increasing our balance.

Step 2: Moving with the iWatBoard

Once we can keep our balance on the iWatBoard, the rest is easy and intuitive; accelerate by leaning forwards and slow down by leaning backwards. These transitions must be done smoothly, gradually accelerating and slowing down.

Step 3: Turning with the iWatBoard

To turn, we simply have to apply pressure to the sensor on the opposite side of the way we want to turn, meaning, if we want to turn left, we’ll push forward with our right foot. Also, the iWatBoard is capable of doing 360º turns on itself. To do this, we press one foot forward and the other backwards with roughly the same amount of pressure.

Step 4: Getting off the iWatBoard

Now all that’s left is the last step; getting off our iWatBoard. To do this we must reduce our speed to the minimum and then imitate going down a step backwards. It’s very important that we shift our weight to the foot touching the ground, so as to not make the iWatBoard then move forward with our other foot.

User Guide

Safety Recommendations


      • Carefully read the user manual, in which the basic functions of the iWatBoard are explained.
      • The indicator light must be Green before getting on the iWatBoard. Do not attempt to ride if it is Red or turned off.
      • Do not open or manipulate any internal components of the iWatBoard. This can cause irreversible damages to the device and you would void the warranty.
      • Take care of your iWatBoard, irresponsible use can affect the correct function of the device and cause physical damages.
      • Use common sense to avoid dangerous situations with the iWatBoard.
      • Do not use the iWatBoard while talking on the phone or texting.
      • Do not use the iWatBoard under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
      • Do not use the iWatBoard on roads that are muddy or contain puddles, stones, sand or difficult terrains.
      • Avoid using the iWatBoard in bad weather: rain, hail, snow, excessive heat.
      • Do not ride close to motor vehicles or near highways.
      • Pay attention when using the iWatBoard, respecting both people that are around you and their possessions.
      • In indoor areas, pay attention to possible obstacles like doors, furniture and corners.
      • Do not ride near swimming pools or near puddles.
      • Always be precautious. If you aren’t sure whether you’ll be able to get past an obstacle, stop using the iWatBoard and continue on foot.
      • Pay attention to the maximum recommended weight limits.
      • Once on the iWatBoard, our height is increased by approximately 11 inches. Be careful when passing through doorways.
      • It’s recommended that people who suffer from vertigo or dizziness should not use the iWatBoard.
      • Do not transport anything while using the iWatBoard.
      • Children may use the iWatBoard, though always under adult supervision.
      • Inform yourself on local laws and regulations regarding the circulation or electronic vehicles.

For more information regarding safety and other conditions, don’t hesitate in contacting us. We can help you through our Customer Service.


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