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Discover the Hoverboard?

The iWatboard is a self-balancing electric skateboard or hoverboard, designed for personal transport and leisure. Get ready to enjoy this revolutionary mode of transport, designed to offer you a unique experience at an irresistible price. Don’t hesitate, join the StyleMotion club.

Let nothing stop you

High-capacity Li-ion batteries for travelling further than ever.

The future is closer than ever

Discover FloatUp, the company of the future for the needs of the present.

The future is now

Move like never before, thanks to iWatBoard’s latest EPT technology.

Sustainable movement

The iWatBoard doesn’t pollute: ride with style and care for the environment.

Move safely

You just worry about how far you want to go, we’ll take care of the rest.


2 Year Warranty

Happily enjoy the quality and trust that FloatUp products provide.

iWatBoard iXL

Get ready for iWatMotion’s beast

iWatBoard iXL, an all-terrain vehicle that cannot be stopped. Its resistant 10” tires double the width of the vehicle, providing us with extra stability even on irregular terrains. Its ABS housing has also been improved and now has a higher resistance to knocks. Fully enjoy #StyleMotion with the new iWatBoard iXL and don’t let anything get in your way.


iWatBoard i6

Freedom starts at your feet

This simple, lightweight, reliable and environmentally friendly vehicle is available to all. Don’t look any further, the iWatBoard i6 is what you need. Discover a new way to move at a very reasonable price.


iWatBoard i8

The perfect balance between power, range and price

The iWatBoard i8 is a vehicle dreamed up by those who want everything and at a spectacular price. With fantastic 8 inch wheels and a 15km range, it offers the best quality/price ratio of any sustainable motion vehicle.


iWatBoard i10

Power and stability with an innovative design

The iWatBoard i10 was designed so nothing can stop you. Steeper climbs and irregular terrains will no longer be a problem, thanks to both a powerful battery and the stability provided by its 10 inch wheels, which will allow you to move over different surfaces, both indoors and outdoors. Dominate the city, mark your style.


The hoverboard with the most reasonable market prices

Redefine the concept of motion with iWatBoard. Be free to move with an unbeatable weight, range and price. We offer a high quality vehicle that’s available to everyone. Move with style, move with the iWatBoard.


From13995 €
  • Range 8 – 13 km*
  • Weight 10,1 kg
  • Dimensions 60×18.5×19.5cm
  • Max. Speed 13 km/h
  • Wheels 2 x 6,5”
  • Bluetooth Connection (depending on model)
  • Tires
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From15995 €
  • Range 10 – 15 km*
  • Weight 10,2 kg
  • Dimensions 60×21.5×21.5cm
  • Max. Speed 15 km/h
  • Wheels 2 x 8”
  • Bluetooth Connection (depending on model)
  • Tires
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From17495 €
  • Range 12 – 18 km*
  • Weight 10,7 kg
  • Dimensions 68×26.5x30cm
  • Max. Speed 18 km/h
  • Wheels 2 x 10”
  • Bluetooth Connection (depending on model)
  • Tires
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* Important – The autonomy range may vary according to different factors, such as the user’s weight, the speed, the state of the road or the slope.

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