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The famous MotoGP pilots, Marc Márquez and Álex Márquez, have saved us from the evil hands of a group of hackers who call themselves #Bl4ckBrothers.

Be like the Márquez brothers and unleash your iWatBoard’s full power

Discover a unique driving experience thanks to the iWatKart, the perfect accessory for your iWatBoard. Sit down and get ready to release adrenaline to the max with your iWatKart!

iWatKart i6 Pack

from16995 €
  • Includes:
  • iWatBoard i6 Skate
  • iWatKart Accessory
  • Weight 17,8 kg
  • Wheels 2 x 6,5”
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iWatKart i8 Pack

from18995 €
  • Includes:
  • iWatBoard i8 Skate
  • iWatKart Accessory
  • Weight 18,8 kg
  • Wheels 2 x 8”
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iWatKart i10 Pack

from19995 €
  • Includes:
  • iWatBoard i10 Skate
  • iWatKart Accessory
  • Weight 19,8 kg
  • Wheels 2 x 10”
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iWatKart iXL Pack

from21495 €
  • Includes:
  • iWatBoard iXL Skate
  • iWatKart Accessory
  • Weight 20,8 kg
  • Wheels 2 x 10”
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Pack iWatKart i6 – MM93

Do you already have an iWatBoard? Turn it into an iWatKart!

Turn your iWatBoard into a fantastic, easy to ride and, most important of all, very very fun to drive kart. iWatKart is easy to install and it’s made out of high quality materials in order to guarantee safety and offer you a comfortable experience.


4495 €
  • Weight 6,2 kg
  • Dimensions 31x50x96 cm
  • Materials Steel, PC and Rubber
  • Compatible with all of the Skateboards
  • It doesn’t include an iWatBoard Skate
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