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Frequent Questions

Here at iWatMotion, we want to solve any doubts you may have about our products.

How much time does it take to master the iWatBoard?

One of the most distinguished features of the iWatBoard is its ease of use. In roughly 5 minutes you’ll be able to freely enjoy your iWatBoard. Keep practicing and soon you’ll master StyleMotion.

Who is the iWatBoard designed for?

The iWatBoard was created to be accessible to people of all ages. Everyone can enjoy this fun and sustainable mode of transport.

Can I use my iWatBoard on rainy days?

The iWatBoard was designed with standard IP20 Protection, which guarantees that the device is waterproof against spraying water and light rain. However, riding over puddles or partially / completely submersing the device is not recommended.

Can I go up ramps?

Al models of the iWatBoard are capable of riding up ramps that are 15º and over.

Can my ‘‘hoverboard’’ explode?

No. The iWatBoard features high quality drivers from leading companies. Comprehensive quality controls guarantee the safety and reliability of these batteries, separating us from companies which use lower quality batteries and avoiding risky situations for the user.


Can I have spare parts and technical service for my iWatBoard?

We at iWatMotion have spare parts for the entire iWatBoard, along with our own technical team and customer service, with which we can help you resolve any problem.

What’s included in the box?
  • iWatBoard i6: The iWatBoard i6, a charger and the instruction manual.
  • iWatBoard i8: The iWatBoard i8, a charger and the instruction manual
  • iWatBoard i10: The iWatBoard i10, a charger and the instruction manual

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