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iXtras - Accessories

Accessories for electric scooters and hoverboards

Discover the full range of replacements and complements we have for our electric vehicles. Protect, personalize or transport your scooter comfortably.

Purchase accessories for hoverboards and electric scooters.

If you already have your scooter, the next step is to acquire the complements necessary to keep it protected and for easy transport. On our online shop we have a wide range of accessories; bags, cases, chargers, etc… everything you could ever need. Next, we’ll list off the accessories for an electric scooter that stand out:

Hoverboard cover

Without a doubt, the best way to protect your iWatBoard is to place a silicone case onto your electric scooter. Also, we have various designs that are also perfect for customizing your scooter or, if it’s used enough, so that we can’t see the scratches.

Bags and Transport cases

If you aren’t using your scooter, the best way to take it to one place or another is using the transport bag. In function with the model of scooter or hoverboard, we’ll be able to find various types of bags, trolleys, etc.

Electric scooter charger

Indispensable for using our scooter or hoverboard. Just the same as with our mobiles or laptops, so it’s never bad to have an extra.

Electric scooter battery

An additional battery is the best way to cover double the distance without needing to recharge. The models with an extractable battery, like the iWatRoad R5. allow us to swap it out easily and quickly.

Skate Helmet

As is with other vehicles, such as bikes and conventional scooters, a helmet is the best way of protecting yourself if you were to fall over.

Knee and elbow skate pads

Without a doubt, this complement can be very handy if we’re new to the world of skating, or if we enjoy doing tricks or twirls.


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